LO3 Pando

Transactive Energy

LO3’s Pando enables utilities and retailers to introduce a unique energy marketplace today so all members of the community can trade energy in order to achieve both personal and community energy goals.

LO3 Energy designs and deploys digital DER marketplace infrastructure for retail energy providers and distribution utilities across the US, Europe, Japan and Australia. The company’s platform, Pando, enables businesses and households to dynamically transact energy and services from DERs and community assets within a localized environment. Pando’s parameters are configured specific to local economics and regulations. Asset owners are compensated for services provided to the network and value exchanged among the participating retail customer base. Pando can be optimized for outcomes specific to varied regulatory frameworks, service territory dynamics and network design.

Typical use cases include post-net metering/feed-in-tariff offerings for PV customers, community solar, energy communities, local energy management and multi-market coordination functions for DERs.

Pando is a white-labeled product which partners offer as a self-branded service to communities within their territories. Pando’s vertically-integrated customer interface and settlement infrastructure enhance user experience while compensating assets DERs efficiently through customizable program designs. The platform lays foundational accounting infrastructure to manage increasingly granular, complex transactions from the grid edge.

Awesense and Pando come together to enable rapid integration of data for the purposes of transactive energy programs, to be able understand the grid impacts from energy trading among customers, and to give insights into how purchased and sold energy is truly being distributed.