Exeri Smart Grid Surveillance

Fault Sensors

Exeri’s Smart Grid Surveillance™ fault sensing and monitoring devices are an effective solution for detecting, classifying and locating faults in the grid.

Know Your Grid™ – smart condition monitoring for overhead lines

Power outages are becoming increasingly burdensome and dangerous for both consumers and industry players alike. The power grid today is formed by linked metal wire, just as it was 100 years ago. The grid exists without integrated intelligence and real-time sensors. As a result, discerning the exact status of the grid is both difficult and costly.

Currently, grid troubleshooting consists of a simple trial and error solution, sector-by-sector. This antiquated approach is time consuming, labor-intensive, and expensive.

Smart Grid Surveillance™ encompasses a comprehensive digital transformation, making your power grid truly smart. It gives a complete, real-time view of the current network status.

Faults within the grid are instantly classified and located, and immediate action can be taken by deploying repair crews to impacted zones and restoring indirectly affected areas.

Hazardous situations, such as downed power lines or tilted poles can be detected instantaneously and repaired before damages or injuries occur. Intermittent faults are tagged by location in real-time, enabling comprehensive grid maintenance.

Smart line agents (IoT) mounted on grid poles send information to an information collection and conclusion unit. AI algorithms and data analysis of the collected information give an in-depth insight into what is occurring in the grid in real-time. The system is easy to install, self-calibrating and maintenance-free. Reliability in the system is achieved by long-life batteries and redundant communication pathways.

Exeri’s Smart Grid Surveillance™ devices enable real-time management and decision support never seen before in the power grid.

  • Detect, classify and locate faults in the power grid
  • Find dangerous faults, including intermittent faults
  • Minimize outage time & cost; improve SAIDI & SAIFI
  • Immediately restore power to indirectly affected areas