Driving Results For Consultants & System Integrators

The Awesense Energy Transition Platform, leveraging our AI Data Engine & Sandbox development environment, makes working with data easy for consultants and system integrators. We provide the foundational digital layer to quickly build data-focused algorithms, geospatial analytics, use cases and grid edge applications, so you can address your utility client’s specific needs.

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Work With Data Easily

The Awesense AI Data Engine speeds up the data preparation, using powerful algorithms for validation, estimation and error correction (VEE) to rapidly cleanse data to high accuracy. The Energy Data Model (EDM) provides a standard format enabling access to the cleansed data through APIs. Develop and test use cases in our Sandbox environment, then simply port them to many utility datasets.

Solve complex connectivity & topology data issues

GIS data is paramount for many systems for a utility, from OMS, ADMS, DERMS, and others. Increasing the accuracy of the GIS connectivity and topology is critical to scaling grid solutions.

Ingest and connect disparate data sources

The AI Data Engine processes multiple and unique data sources (i.e. AMI, SCADA, GIS, etc.), synchronizing them in time and space to create a digital twin.

Build use cases with the EDM-backed APIs

The standardization provided by the Awesense Energy Data Model means you can build once and deploy again and again. Speed up the process even more by using the readily-available realistic dataset of the Sandbox environment.

The AI Data Engine easily creates comprehensive reports for your clients so that you can show them the number, types and locations of errors found and any corrections suggested or automatically applied to progress your projects to the next level.

White-label these reports to maintain your brand.

Energy Transition Platform

Expand Service Offerings

Our cloud-based Energy Transition Platform lets you hit the ground running when addressing utility pain points. The AI Data Engine component speeds up data integration and reduces it from once-per-use-case to once-for-many-use-cases. The APIs & Sandbox environment speed up test, development and deployment upwards of 90%. The APIs allow easy integration with your clients’ BI or data analysis tools of choice. And the existing out-of-the-box use cases are ready for you to sell.

It’s a fact that software margins are higher than service margins. Much higher. Expand offerings with analytics solutions that complement strategy, advisory, data integration, and other services, including developing analytics and use cases in parallel with data integration.

Accelerate time-to-value and reduce client integration time with algorithmic data cleansing and integration. Focus your team on high-value data insights and leave the headache of data work to Awesense algorithms.

Utilize Awesense Platform to equip your clients with advanced grid analytics, streamlining data accuracy and enhancing asset performance, all while simplifying compliance with regulatory reporting requirements.

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