Grid Data Warehouse. Simplified.

We take the hard work out of data integration, preparation, and access. We combine, synchronize, and cleanse your data quickly and make it easily accessible via a data model-driven digital twin so that you can focus on the critically challenging questions of the energy transition.

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Adding Accuracy & Speed to Data-Driven Decisions

The Energy Transition Platform makes ingesting data easy, leveraging our AI Data Engine to cleanse and structure your data according to the Awesense Energy Data Model, resulting in an accurate digital twin of the grid! The Platform offers lightning-quick data processing, rapid access, advanced analytics, flexibility and tools to create applications on your terms.

Own your code. Own your analytics. Own your insights. This is how!

True Grid Intelligence

Asset Performance Insight In Real Time

Once the data is cleansed, structured and synchronized in time & space to produce an accurate grid digital twin, it can be visualized with True Grid Intelligence (TGI). TGI is Awesense’s web-based app for visual digital twin exploration and asset situational awareness. TGI enables collated utility data to be instantly visualized, offering insight into the location and performance of grid assets and the grid edge. Additional use cases within TGI include:

Grid Alerts
Phase Balance Reporting
Power Factor Reporting
Transformer (and other assets) Performance
IoT Device Logging, Monitoring & IoT Network Health
Outage Analysis and Grid Analysis

Additional Benefits Of Using The Energy Transition Platform For Utilities

The Energy Transition Platform combines the cleansing capacity of the AI Data Engine with the versatility of our data model-backed APIs and the out-of-the-box data visualization and situational awareness use cases of TGI. You can use it for a myriad of end goals.

Improve regulatory reports and responses
Provide data driven reasoning at regulatory hearings
Enhance and speed up reporting to C-Level
Create cross-functional data insight and reporting across teams and the entire organization
Synchronize Analytics and Engineering teams
Leverage data integration capabilities
Empower existing applications with refined data
Reduce time-to-value
Reduce time-to-insight
New business models
New white labeled solutions
New revenue-generating solutions

Find Out What The Energy Transition Platform Can Do For Your Data.

Find Out What The Energy Transition Platform Can Do For Your Data.