Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Carbon Emissions

We use artificial intelligence to read all kinds of documents in less than a second. That gives us a whole new insight.

Sustainability is a data problem. Between the narrative and the outcome, Energi.AI is the actionable solution to go to a net-zero society.
Energi.AI is created by passionate tech entrepreneurs from the Nordics – the Silicon Valley of the energy sector. We are stoked to be located in one of the most advanced energy markets in the world – that makes things even more interesting!
We have a successful track record of scaling tech companies, energy companies, solar PV businesses, and have worked with the World’s leading AI experts and built the World’s first AI CFO – we got this!
We believe that the best way to make the world better is to facilitate smarter solutions to businesses dedicated to solving the big problems on our planet.
We have trained our AI models and algorithms with 50 million data points from +65.000 businesses. That gives us a whole new insight and makes us capable of finding out where big numbers hide without any fuzz.
Energ.AI are making fully automated carbon accounts with machine learning. We make efficient tools to measure and report your CO2 footprint. Energ.AI enables businesses to reduce, replace and remove carbon emissions.”