The Digital Foundation To Modernize Energy

Awesense began in 2009 with a simple sensor to gather data from blind spots in the distribution grid and a mission to decarbonize the world. Since then, we have developed a powerful data middleware platform that serves as the digital foundation for decentralizing and decarbonizing the electricity grid. We know that processing energy data is the first step in expediting digitalization on the path to energy modernization.

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To Decarbonize Energy

We have developed a platform that serves as the digital foundation to address the data gap in the industry. Our platform provides a data model-driven digital twin with the freedom to build anything on top.

Utilities only leverage 2-4% of their grid data yearly, while the amount of data triples every two years.

Our AI Data Engine standardizes utility data resulting in a populated data model accessible via APIs in our Energy Transition Platform. The data is thus usable by the applications needed to push for digital transformation. The open Energy Data Model is the digital foundation, while our Energy Transition Platform is the set of tools required for utilities to integrate renewables, analyze, optimize, and prepare for a decarbonized future.

Our Vision

To accelerate the energy transition by making it easy to build data-driven applications.

We provide the data middleware for companies to accelerate data integration and cleansing, allowing for better asset visualization and optimization of operating systems such as ADMS, OMS, and DERMS. We also facilitate the development of use cases, enterprise applications, building applications, and energy data solutions.

Our Philosophy

Your development is your IP, not ours.

Awesense operates with an open philosophy to support application development. With Awesense, our clients are never locked into a vertically integrated solution.

Use any BI tool. Use any data science notebook.

When engaging with the Awesense tools, clients can change their dashboard tools, use, upgrade, and further develop their own software applications.

Develop in the coding language of your choice.

We continuously strive to innovate and are open to new ideas and tools. We aim to drive innovation through collaboration, making it faster and easier to adapt to an ever-changing business climate.
Key Benefits

The Three Major Benefits Of Working With Us

Data brought together QUICKLY
Ingestion, cleansing & synchronization of different types of utility source systems
Alignment of the data in time and space to create a data model-backed digital twin
Reduce IT demands with the data retrievable through a single access point via industry standard tools your teams already know
Improved veracity of data at a LOW-COST
The platform algorithmically cleanses, synchronizes and structures data to enhance veracity
Output data becomes trustworthy for business insight and executive decision making
Lower cost than the alternative of manual processing
Potential new business use cases unlocked with LOW-RISK
Using proven models, one can build business cases for enterprise systems and integrations (ERP, Enterprise Cloud, etc.)
Help teams formulate and design market RFPs
Communicate effectively with Regulators using data-driven insights

Leadership Team

Mischa Steiner

Chief Executive Officer & Founder

As the Founder & CEO of Awesense, Mischa plays a significant role in the continued vision of Awesense; to optimize humanity’s largest machine – the energy grid. Through his commitment to the environment, Awesense has helped remove over 2 million tons of CO2 from our partnered utilities’ energy systems.

Elena Popovici

Chief Technology Officer

As the CTO of Awesense, Elena oversees all aspects of our technology stack, including all software development and data science for decision support. With a Computer Science Ph.D. and over 15 years of industry experience managing science-driven software projects across various domains, she is focusing on making a difference in the sustainable energy sector.

Karel Dietrich-Nespesny

President & Chief Operating Officer

Karel joined Awesense in 2012 with over 20 years of experience in energy. Previously, Karel was the COO for E.ON’s Eastern Division, responsible for over 3,000 employees. Karel oversees the strategy for Awesense as we aim to tackle climate challenges with our partners. Karel has ensured that Awesense employees are always at the forefront of the company and works to ensure they remain a priority as we grow.

Talk To Us About Modernizing Energy!

Talk To Us About Modernizing Energy!