Portable Electric

Battery Power

Portable Electric replaces gas and diesel generators with clean power sourced from solar, battery, and hybrid power systems.

Geologist Mark Rabin worked for 13 years in the oil and gas exploration business. What he witnessed during his time in the oil fields led him to believe that the ecological balance of oil and gas was out of sync with humanity’s need for a cleaner Earth. Rabin left the fossil fuel industry and went back to university to complete an MBA. During this time, he founded off-grid pay-as-you-go portable power systems in South Africa and Namibia. In the process, he learned a lot—quickly—and came home with a new idea and a lofty goal: Find a real-world solution for off-grid, mobile, modular, and intelligent power solutions for real-world applications. With an eye to the future of power, Rabin founded Portable Electric as CEO in 2015.

Working in the paradigm of distributed new energy systems, micro-grids, and sustainability, Portable Electric believes in innovation, user experience, and a healthy planet. We’re replacing gas and diesel generators with clean, green power that can be easily sourced from solar, battery, and hybrid power systems.

Portable Electric began by providing clean, quiet power to the live event and film industries, but has successfully moved into new markets such as disaster relief, power backup, construction, and off-grid applications. The company has since grown into Canada’s premier portable power technology manufacturer with the silent and emissions-free VOLTtack power stations firmly in the industry’s spotlight. Rabin and Portable Electric continue to lead the charge with vibrant energy.