Data Cleansing & Use Case Acceleration for Grid Professionals

Enable your team to build tailored use cases, analytics, and models to solve complex industry problems 20X faster with the Energy Transition Platform.

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The Modern Energy Challenge
Accommodating For Radical Change With Digitalization

The global energy landscape is evolving rapidly, facing the complex challenge of managing new electricity demands & inputs. The only way to manage the transition is by unlocking the value of data with digitalization through a digital twin.

The plummeting costs of renewable energy sources & storage make deploying and interconnecting distributed energy with the grid the new reality.

The mass adoption of electric vehicles & associated charging infrastructure and the potential for electricity storage and microgrids create new load demand and input challenges.

Fossil fuels, historically common among Commercial, Industrial and Residential stakeholders, will be rapidly replaced by clean electricity alternatives, such as induction stoves and heat pumps, well on their way to becoming standard in new grid-integrated buildings.

Awesense creates a digital twin of the grid enabling the development of use cases, accelerating modeling & new solutions.

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The energy transition is unstoppable. Awesense's Digital Energy Platform allows you prepare for renewables supplying 90% of all power.

Use Case Development

Made Simpler, Faster, Better

with the EDM Digital Twin

Bringing data together to solve the wide range of electrical utility challenges requires different departments ranging from operational, business, and IT and can result in time-intensive and high-cost projects.

The Awesense Energy Transition Platform leverages our AI Data Engine, ingesting, cleansing and structuring utility data from many systems according to the Awesense Energy Data Model (EDM), resulting in a digital twin of the grid. Your team can access this digital twin via APIs to build models, applications and use cases with the business tool, programming language or data science notebook of your choice for custom grid insight. We also provide Data Science Services to facilitate the use case development process to support your team.

Using all the Platform Products will help you accelerate your time to value on budget and up to 20X faster than traditional methods.

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The Full Package

The cloud-based Energy Transition Platform provides the tools to efficiently manage your utility data, allowing you to visualize and manage your assets, optimize existing energy management systems and make confident business decisions. We offer continuous data refinement to keep the energy data model current. With data ready to go, it becomes easy to develop client-ready use cases to rapidly and affordably address utility and other energy challenges. The following are tools available within the platform:

AI Data Engine

Utility Data Cleansing
& Structuring

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True Grid Intelligence

Asset Situational Awareness
& Visual Data Exploration

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APIs & Development

Use Case Design &
Development Sandbox

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