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Faster Analytics
Spend less time preparing and cleaning up data with our industry-leading validation and synchronization engine.
Increased Accuracy
Identify and correct errors and anomalies that are abundant in energy data, so you’re working with the best possible data model.
Flexible Tools
Powerful pre-built analytics, customizable reporting capabilities and geospatial visualizations to get insights from your grid data.
Grid Intelligence

Turn Data Into Action

Awesense provides a real-time integration engine that validates and corrects all critical data for utilities. Stitch together disparate energy systems - AMI, SCADA, GIS, DER, EVSE and more, into one digital energy data model. Making it easy to build analytics, algorithms, and applications.

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From our Customers

“With Awesense’s help, we’ve reduced grid inefficiencies in British Columbia by 80% in less than 5 years.”


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