The world's most advanced grid analytics platform

True Grid Intelligence (TGI) is a unique platform that takes a smarter approach to finding present and future issues in the distribution grid. TGI brings together a variety of cutting-edge technologies to address grid resiliency, stability, and losses providing a path for utilities to audit, monitor, and energy balance their distribution network in real-time.


Our tech


TGI leverages existing data sources within the grid and augments existing revenue recovery efforts, maximizing the return on investment and minimizing time to value.

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The TGI Raptor Sensors are portable sensors for current and power factor measurements, with integrated wireless and cellular communication.  

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By using a variety of analytical tools, data ingestion mechanisms and a powerful risk engine, TGI enables utilities to make data-driven decisions and gain a better understanding of live grid conditions.

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Through the use of dashboards, role-specific tools and personalized interfaces, TGI ensures that every member of your team sees exactly what they need to see, when they need to see it.


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addressing the most pressing issues in the distribution grid

Grid operators are learning what the finance, healthcare and other industries faced 10 years ago. The age of Big Data is upon the utility sector. With it comes pressure to make sense of enormous amounts of data through analytics - and use that business intelligence to drive decision making and operational action.  

This is where Awesense reduces threats to your business. We apply a risk-based, systematic approach to combining meter data and in-grid data within distribution grid segments to predict the likelihood of losses. We then provide next-best-action plans to investigate and pinpoint the location of the problem. 


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