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The Awesense Digital Energy Platform empowers utilities & energy providers to build data-driven applications and analytics for the energy systems of tomorrow.

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The energy transition is unstoppable. Are you prepared?

World Electricity Capacity (GW)
The energy transition is unstoppable. Awesense's Digital Energy Platform allows you prepare for renewables supplying 90% of all power.
Electricity generation must expand three-fold by 2050, with renewables providing 90% of the total supply.
Power systems must build flexibility now because the variable renewable energy share is surging and will reach 63% of global power generation.
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*Sources: IRENA (2021), World Energy Transitions Outlook: 1.5°C Pathway, International Renewable Energy Agency, Abu Dhabi.

Available for download: www.irena.org/publications.

Why we created

the Digital Energy Platform.

Organizations waste thousands of hours every year gathering and analyzing critical data.

We are the first digital platform built for energy companies. The energy grid is evolving faster than ever and utilities have been struggling to keep up:

  1. Distributed energy resources (DERs) have changed the way the energy grid has worked for the past 150 years.
  2. Governing and sharing data efficiently is complicated by overwhelming amounts of data and the involvement of too many teams.

That’s why we built the first Digital Energy Platform — a digital twin based energy analytics platform that allows utilities to scale at the same pace as the rapidly changing technology landscape of the energy grid.

With our help, energy providers and utilities can dramatically reduce their carbon footprint, prepare for the transforming energy paradigm, and make data accessible to those who need it.

digital twin and the digital energy platform will prepare you for the energy transition


The energy grid is moving from large-scale, centralized energy generation to small-scale decentralized generation. Energy consumption is expected to grow dramatically and become less predictable due to the rise of Electric Vehicles. We need solutions that can manage our energy generation, balance supply and demand, and communicate with millions of devices in real-time. These must be open, scalable, robust and interconnected. Today’s technology is not prepared to deal with the complexity of the grid of the future.

The issue is that our electrical systems were designed to be powered by centralized, large-scale generation sources. The onset of new technologies, and the democratization of energy supply have the potential to overwhelm the grid and leave millions without power, if not managed correctly. The intermittent nature of Distributed Energy Resources must be counteracted with highly scalable data analytics that allow us to detect, predict and prevent any issues.

The Digital Energy Platform is the only solution that can ingest data from millions of data measuring devices, link these devices with their geospatial location, and create an Open Data Model allowing you to build analytics, algorithms, and applications. Awesense provides your teams and software systems with the data they need to run the grid of the future.

Awesense complements and enhances your data repositories already in place. We ingest data from your systems, enhance the data quality, synchronize your time series devices, and provide rapid data for anywhere in the system, from any device, to any authorized user or software tool.

The Awesense Data Engine stitches together disparate data sources, connects geospatial and time series, synchronizes all data, and performs validation, estimation and error correction on everything flowing through the engine. The result is a cleansed Open Energy Data Model which represents your entire energy system.

Awesense has connectors and integrations for a wide range of tools that can be used to build custom apps and analytics. Take advantage of integrations like PowerBI, Tableau, and Quicksight to create your own charts and reports. Connect notebooking tools like Jupyter and Zeppelin to do your own data science work. You can also connect planning and simulation tools, asset management tools, outage management systems, DERMS, and many other tools that need access to accurate, robust energy data.

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