Intelligence for a truly smart grid

Our solution helps increase efficiency, reduce losses and stop electricity theft in the distribution grid.


Intelligence for a truly smart grid

Our solution helps increase efficiency, reduce losses and stop electricity theft in the distribution grid.

Awesense provides a unique platform that takes a smarter approach to finding issues on the distribution grid. It combines: 

  • in-grid data collected by IoT devices 
  • risk-based analytics software
  • operational performance.

Our goal: to re-invent revenue protection programs and extend our platform to optimize the distribution grid.

Utilities can't keep trying to solve problems with major capital investments.  
To stay relevant utilities need to optimize - leverage existing investments, add strategic data, and drive data-driven performance. 

Changing How you optimize your grid


Energy loss = Business risk

are you Managing the Risk To Your Business?

Grid operators are learning what the finance, healthcare and other industries faced 10 years ago. The age of Big Data is upon the utility sector. With it comes pressure to make sense of enormous amounts of data through analytics - and use that business intelligence to drive decision making and operational action.  

This is where Awesense reduces threats to your business. We apply a risk-based, systematic approach to combining meter data and in-grid data within distribution grid segments to predict the likelihood of losses. We then provide next-best-action plans to investigate and pinpoint the location of the problem. 

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Identify Losses

We ingest a wide number of parameters (and consider local grid knowledge) to rank the highest risk segments of the grid.

Analyze Losses

We build a risk-based predictive model and feedback results into the system so each iteration is more effective at identifying losses.

Reduce Losses

We deliver operational plans and set performance goals for reducing instances of loss and provide actionable activities to drive ongoing steady improvement.

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