Asset Management
Grid Planning
Situational Awareness and GridOps

EdgeTunePower enhances electric grid's hosting capacity for interconnection and operation of high number of distributed energy resources, including renewables and EV-charging stations.

EdgeTunePower is offering a patent-pending, millisecond-level power management system to utilize energy storage technology and 

  1. minimize electric grid outages and maximize grid resiliency and
  2. enhance the hosting capacity of the legacy electric grid for large-scale interconnection and operation of distributed energy resources, including renewables and fast EV-charging stations. 

We provide full-scope control solution development, from pre-field testing to field commissioning, to minimize time, cost, and risk with the EPC process of our customers’ industrial projects.

We are mainly helping microgrid developers, transportation companies working on the proliferation of EV-charging stations, and utilities with our fast power-management system to make sure that the decarbonization of their electric grid will be seamlessly realized.

IESO (Ontario utility) and Hydro Quebec are early adaptors of our technology. We are working with remote and rural FN communities to realize a shift in their energy landscape from exorbitant diesel-fed resources to clean microgrid systems.