Easy Smart Grid

Demand Response Management System (DRMS)

Easy Smart Grid is an innovative Demand Response Management System (DRMS) applying a unique approach to improving grid stability.

Easy Smart Grid GmbH is a smart energy company founded in 2014 in Karlsruhe/Germany. For energy systems increasingly based on renewable sources (sun, wind), it develops urgently needed solutions to increase energy flexibility and enable their balanced operation. While traditional approaches rely on thermal plants and battery storage, these also enable the easy and large-scale use of customer flexibility such as load shifting of heating, cooling, EV charging and other energy intensive processes. While these provide energy storage at very low relative cost and have a large and growing potential as heating and mobility systems are being de-carbonized, they require the use of new mechanisms such as dynamic energy tariffs.

Innovative solutions from Easy Smart Grid correspond directly with needs of the electric grid, i.e. are grid friendly by design. They enable efficient and cost-optimal operation by continuously balancing supply and demand in micro or area grids, and can also be used for infrastructure congestion management. Due to real time and decentralized operation, they help improve grid stability and resilience. In a reference project in Allensbach/Germany, Easy Smart Grid is demonstrating a local energy market optimizing economic performance by maximizing autarky, and evaluates the ability to mobilize end customer flexibility towards grid stability and congestion management.

By its ability to convert grid knowledge into supporting demand response, Easy Smart Grid provides synergistic and complementary services with Awesense’s real-time situational awareness, grid visibility and data processing.