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Awesense is on a mission to decarbonize the grid by delivering the digital foundation that will modernize energy. We cannot do this on our own. Awesense partners with cutting-edge technology, infrastructure and professional services companies to deliver an extensive range of capabilities and energy solutions. If you are one of them, speed up your development processes and service offerings with our vetted digital foundation ready to be put to work.

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Jumpstart Solution Development

Building new products and custom software applications to address the challenges arising from our evolving electricity grid has never been simpler for digital technology partners. Connecting to the open Awesense Energy Data Model (EDM) APIs allows you to access all the data you need quickly and easily. Further speed up your development by using the slew of exciting tools that comprise the cloud-based Energy Transition Platform, including our Sandbox development environment and our True Grid Intelligence (TGI) digital twin explorer.

The Energy Transition Platform

Additional Benefits Of Using The Energy Transition Platform For Technology Partners

The Energy Transition Platform lets you focus on what you do best – build applications and use cases – and helps you do it faster. No more cleaning data – let the AI Data Engine do it for you. No more custom development – code once against our data model-backed APIs and deploy again and again. No more waiting for access to utility data to start building new features – use the realistic generated dataset from our Sandbox environment.

Solve challenging and time-consuming data integrations
Eliminate the need for data integration at each customer
Focus on the application, not data integration
Empower existing applications with refined data
Reduce time-to-value
Deploy a common framework to produce faster repeatability
Easier deployment with utilities
Accelerate pilot to full scale

Speed Up Solution Development With The Energy Transition Platform.

Speed Up Solution Development With The Energy Transition Platform.