vadiMAP by vadimUS

Nanogrid Integration

vadiMAP by vadimUS is a powerful solution built to accelerate the decarbonization of commercial, industrial and institutional buildings.

vadimUS is a professional service firm offering expert services in the energy sector as well as an innovative solution to integrate renewables energies on commercial, industrial and institutional (CII) buildings. vadimUS is the firm behind this innovative solution called vadiMAP.

In the past few years, most organizations have publicly announced their interest in reducing their carbon footprint. Many solutions are offered to them to decarbonize their activities, but which ones are the best? It is extremely complicated for those organizations to come up with a clear sustainable plan. In line with the energy transition and exclusively for organizations, vadiMAP is the solution intended to guide CII clients with DER (Distributed Energy Resources) projects. In short, vadiMAP will become the best guide to convert a traditional building powered by centralized energy (the grid) into a full or partial nanogrid (solar panels, batteries, electric vehicles chargers, smart control, and more clean technologies).

Following a simple online questionnaire with the assistance of one of our project managers (30-60 minutes), a personalized vadiMAP prescription report will be provided to offer the ideal renewable energy system to optimize the potential of the client’s building in their geographic, energy and operational contexts. This prescription is one of a kind, because it makes it possible to create an energy transformation plan in a fraction of the time and costs billed by traditional engineering firms by using a fully online platform, in-house algorithms and our Nanogrid Simulation Engine (NGSE).

Thanks to its large installer partners network, vadiMAP is the solution for all the buildings of a client regardless of their geographic location.

In short, for the CII organization, vadiMAP is the simplest and turnkey solution to:

  1. Save on energy costs
  2. Make buildings more resilient, self-sufficient and energy-smart
  3. Reduce carbon footprint

The joint vadiMAP and Awesense solution provides a unique set of capabilities for utilities to accelerate DER integration with commercial and industrial customers, to enable utilities to offer services and expand revenue streams, and to realize a series of grid benefits.