Rainforest Automation

Grid Edge
Internet of Things (IoT)

Rainforest Automation provides intelligent gateways to gain granular real-time data from a range of devices in the energy system.

Rainforest Automation helps utilities and their customers manage energy in real time by integrating the Internet of Things into the Smart Grid edge.  Our products and services enable Energy Efficiency and Demand Response programs for utilities, manage commercial demand charges, and provide Smart Home convenience and reduced energy costs for residential consumers.


Our intelligent edge device, the EAGLE gateway, is able to connect to smart meters, energy storage, and other IoT devices and collect up-to-the second granular data.  From there the data can be streamed to the Rainforest cloud or any number of third party platforms using XML or JSON formats.  It also has the ability to control assets such as Thermostats, Plug Loads, EVs, Hot Water heaters, Pool Pumps and various other devices through its real-time control protocols and algorithms.  The Rainforest platform supports OpenADR 2.0b, Sunspec Modbus, ZigBee Smart Energy, ZigBee Home Automation, and other protocols over Ethernet and WiFi. 


The Rainforest solution is designed for simple end-user installation.  Gateways can be mailed to residential, commercial, and industrial customers and smart meter data can be streaming within minutes of unpacking the devices.  All of this is supported by Rainforest’s EnergyVUE apps on iOS and Android, a web portal and management portal, and an enterprise-class automated provisioning system, OSPREY, that makes running programs with meter-connected devices easy for utilities and end-customers alike.