Peak Power

Building Optimization
Energy Storage
Vehicle to Grid (V2G)

Peak Power transforms buildings of any age into healthy, sustainable, and intelligent facilities that contribute to a cleaner electrical grid.

Peak Insight is like a fitness tracker for buildings. First, we digitalize tenant and common spaces with wireless, non-invasive sensors. These sensors provide real-time energy usage, tenant comfort, and indoor air quality data that enable Facility Managers to receive AI-powered recommendations for optimal building operations. The platform provides Portfolio Owners with performance and sustainability reporting for accruing green building points. The result is a smart building at a fraction of the investment of a Building Automation System.

Peak Synergy is our holistic optimization platform that integrates batteries, electric cars, and buildings. Our platform adapts to energy markets to maximize value. Synergy empowers Facility Owners to achieve long-term savings from rising electricity bills and reach sustainability goals. At the same time, it provides resiliency and converts the building into a revenue generator by making money in the electricity markets. Finally, it indirectly aids utilities by reducing peak demand on the grid and lowering infrastructure spend.

Peak Power provides the savings and sustainability you need now while future-proofing your buildings for the clean energy future.