Asset & Grid Edge Situational Awareness

True Grid Intelligence (TGI) is Awesense’s web-based app for visual digital twin exploration and asset situational awareness. It enables the cleansed & structured data synchronized in time and space within the Energy Transition Platform to be visualized through an intuitive graphical user interface (GUI). This provides immediate out-of-the-box analytics, use cases and insights concerning the performance of assets both at the grid edge and inside the grid.

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Immediate Asset Visualization

TGI is a web application that enables visual exploration grid’s digital twin. It allows assets to be seen on maps, explore connectivity through tracing and view associated time series through a single dashboard. TGI allows immediate data visualization of the data ingested into the Awesense Platform without writing any code.

Situation Awareness Visual Data Exploration
True Grid Intelligence

No Code Needed

TGI is built on top of the same REST APIs available to developers. Combined with direct access to the REST and SQL APIs, TGI further speeds up analytics and application development, expediting the process for use case implementation for data analysts. TGI also contains a number of already-implemented use cases.

Use Cases Implemented in TGI

Examples of situational awareness use cases available within TGI:

Set thresholds and monitor specific areas, metrics or asset types in the grid.

Assess and report on phase balance in different locations of the grid.

Assess and report on power factors at different locations of the grid.

Monitor transformer, line and other asset performance. Quantify losses from transformers (consumption data-dependent).

Interface using MQTT protocol.

Alerting on grid IoT health and events through smart meters and other grid IoT events logging and visualization on the map

Improve customer service by identifying frequent outage pockets and customers with multiple interruptions or prolonged outages.

Improve customer value by improving the reliability of assets by focusing on failure rates and root causes (i.e., age, usage, high load issues).

Identify underperforming feeders and segments, power quality issues, reliability concerns and other issues.

Calculate energy in versus energy out between any two points on a phase or phases of the feeder.

Explore What TGI Has To Offer.

Explore What TGI Has To Offer.