Building Optimization

Argentum provides smart building solutions by conserving energy & CO2 emissions through power distribution & IoT sensor systems.

At Argentum, we’re on a mission to save buildings up to 40% in energy consumption on LED lighting and HVAC systems through a mix of our patented high-efficiency DC (direct current) power distribution systems, and our self-optimizing building automation algorithms. We deploy a mix of high and low voltage DC transmission systems, wireless sensor networks, and digital twin software to our clients’ buildings to save them on both project capital costs (higher voltage, lower current – the same amount of power, with less copper), and system operating costs.

All of our systems are BACnet compatible for simple integration into larger building systems, with an open API for integration of third-party hardware and software. We also create a private wireless mesh network with industry-standard encryption for all of our devices to connect to, for an added layer of security.