Gurobi Optimization

Grid Planning

Gurobi Optimization is the industry leader in Decision Intelligence technology, providing the fastest, easy-to-integrate optimization solver and the best-in-class support to identify optimal business decisions in seconds.

Utilities make critical decisions every day to optimize operational efficiency, maximize resource utilization, increase profitability, minimize costs, and mitigate risks. But decision-making may require considering hundreds or thousands of interdependent factors — such as power grid complexity, renewable energy regulations, energy fuel cost volatility, and extreme weather — in the midst of a continuously changing environment.


Mathematical Optimization allows companies to turn data into insights and mitigate risk and uncertainty in an increasingly complex market.


That’s why businesses turn to Gurobi. Gurobi Optimizer allows energy and utility companies to respond to the growing variability and complexity each year, identifying the best way to deliver cost-efficient, reliable power from various resources— while also addressing constraints, such as regulations and green energy goals.

Gurobi does not require extensive validation of historical data to identify optimal solutions. Instead, the mathematical model considers tens of thousands of variables and constraints, and the Gurobi Optimizer identifies the best solution for your objective. 

With the world’s fastest optimization engine, you can make optimal business and operational decisions in the:

  • Integrated resource and operations planning and design 
  • Energy trading, pricing; portfolio, asset, and inventory management 
  • Workforce management and outage response planning