Distributed Energy Resources (DERs)
Grid Edge

Leveraging deep data, artificial intelligence, advanced analytics, and a digital project marketplace to help customers, utilities, governments, and vendors deploy best-fit climatetech solutions to achieve energy goals and hit net zero commitments.

GridMarket is an AI-driven distributed energy and microgrid project transaction platform. The platform uses data to revolutionize clean energy adoption by automating technology and financial feasibility and connects projects and vendors through a robust digital marketplace. By accelerating some of the most resource-intensive phases of project development, the GridMarket platform is a powerful catalyst for change, rapidly processing a high volume of opportunities and reducing associated risk to yield greater rates of project success.

The platform leverages sophisticated energy modeling, digital simulation planning, proprietary analytics, and an end-to-end approach to produce actionable energy insights and implementation plans. Rather than limiting potential projects to one technology or provider, the platform generates a comprehensive opportunity analysis – analyzing a property, portfolio, or service territory for technologies including solar PV, battery storage, fuel cells, combined heat and power, electric vehicle charging infrastructure, energy efficiency, and more – and recommending the best fit solutions. Through this vendor and technology approach, GridMarket facilitates valuable projects on the best available terms.

The platform supports all stakeholders across the full development lifecycle. Utilities, governments, and energy consumers can create and implement optimized, compliant energy plans and meet established renewable mandates or carbon goals by using GridMarket’s suite of digital tools. Solution providers can create profiles through the vendor onboarding portal to be matched with best-fit opportunities or respond to active project solicitations.

With GridMarket, every property and land parcel around the world is an untapped asset in the fight for a cleaner, more resilient energy grid.