UtilityAPI is a SaaS platform that provides simple, secure, standardized, authorized access to utility data.

UtilityAPI animates programs by giving utilities a tool to provide access to the metering and billing data they collect. Utilities can help programs grow by securely putting authorized data into the hands of contractors and service providers. They are the recognized experts in this area. UtilityAPI’s products are all standards-compliant at the highest levels, as required by most utility regulators. The software lowers operating expenses across the board by automating manual data requests. It also allows utilities that have PIMs and EAMs to enable incentives.

Core services

Certified Green Button Connect

Regulators are increasingly demanding that utilities adopt a Green Button Connect product certified by the Green Button Alliance as compliant with their standard. There’s only one — UtilityAPI.  It’s UL-tested, white-labeled, and can be customized to match and drop-in to existing utility websites. 

Utility Star — Whole Building Data Aggregation for Benchmarking

Utility Star is a drop-in, white-labeled portal that satisfies mandates for energy benchmarking while eliminating compliance hassles. The simplest version requires no integration — perfect for small to medium utilities without software development resources. More robust versions eliminate the need for utility administrative involvement, and integrate directly with the EPA’s ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager®.

Technology Innovations

UtilityAPI’s products manage 

  • third party registration
  • data access authorizations, using OAuth to safeguard privacy
  • historical and ongoing data collection
  • data cleaning and standardization

Utility API’s Admin tool gives utilities both control/oversight of the data sharing environment and insight into user behavior.


  • Building Reporting — meets municipal building energy reporting requirements.
  • Pay-for-Performance — unlocks the ability to run performance-based incentive programs for energy efficiency.
  • Mandated Data Access — securely meets regulatory requirements for third party data access.
  • Account Verification — automates customer account verification for energy product rebate programs and incentives.
  • Local Engagement — increases accessibility for small and local energy vendors to participate in incentive programs.
  • EE/DER Insights — automates energy efficiency and distributed energy resource performance reporting.
  • Load Flexibility — Communicates TOU rates and tariffs to vendors and devices