Renewable Asset Analytics

Clir Renewables is an analytics solution focused on the optimization of large-scale renewable assets.

Clir Renewables is a renewable energy software company providing industry-leading data analytics tools to drive asset operation efficiency, monitor asset health, and extend asset lifetime. Our cloud-based application is designed by renewable energy experts for stakeholders at all levels of technical and financial proficiency. Clir’s proprietary algorithm cleans and analyzes ingested data, providing actionable insights.

Increase Production – Clir identifies key actions to increase production. First, looking at if the asset is performing the way it is supposed to, Clir eliminates potential causes of underperformance. The software enables you to investigate if the asset’s performance is optimal. Our AI detectors are constantly running, looking for anomalous turbine behavior, automatically detecting and flagging issues. If underperformance is found, Clir creates an action identifying the issue and next steps for resolution, with associated losses quantified in MWh’s.

Monitor Asset Health – Clir monitors the current and future health of a project by assessing the physical state of components and the meteorological loading conditions an asset was exposed to in the past and will be in the future. By tracking a wide range of turbine health indicators, including operational states, component conditions, asset performance, and meteorological conditions, identifying degradation and its potential impacts on the remaining useful life is increasingly quantifiable. 

Manage Technical Financial Risk – Clir links technical performance with the financial planning of the asset by reforecasting energy yields, validating asset upgrades or retrofits, providing accurate contractual availability calculations, and continually assessing the asset’s life. 

Enhance Domain Expertise – Clir gives you the most in-depth understanding of asset performance and, more importantly, the knowledge and actions to rectify issues. With an extensive knowledgebase and a dedicated technical team, Clir provides continual support, so you get the most out of the platform.