APIs & Sandbox Environment for Use Case Development

The Awesense Energy Transition Platform will help you accelerate your time to value on budget and up to 20X faster than traditional methods. To achieve that, two key components help with the design and development of use cases: Energy Data Model (EDM) backed APIs – SQL and REST – and a Sandbox development environment.

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What Is A Use Case?

A Use Case is a templated, digital solution that uses utility data to solve an industry problem by enabling data-driven business decisions to adapt effectively to an evolving energy grid.

Awesense Use Case Library
Use Case Design

Designing An Application

Don’t have access to utility data yet? No problem! While the actual utility data ingestion occurs on the Energy Transition Platform, waste zero time and start designing algorithms and analytics in the Awesense Sandbox development environment by calling the model-driven APIs on its realistic synthetic data. The Sandbox also comes with True Grid Intelligence (TGI), a helpful visual data exploration companion.


Developing An Application

After the data has been ingested, cleansed, synchronized & structured according to the Awesense Energy Data Model (EDM), it is ready for use in the Energy Transition Platform.

Because of the standardization that EDM provides, the Use Case designed using the EDM-backed APIs on the Sandbox development environment synthetic data can now be seamlessly applied to the real data, performing only minimal fine-tuning if desired.

The finished Use Case can be combined with custom applications to draw business insights and modernize the energy grid to support the energy transition.

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Get Started With The Energy Transition Platform.

Get Started With The Energy Transition Platform.