Utility Data Cleansing & Structuring

The Awesense VEE Engine does all the heavy lifting for data cleansing & structuring, enabling analysis, algorithm and use case development in record time. In the Awesense VEE Engine, data is ingested, cleansed & structured, then synchronized in time & space to produce an accurate and validated ontological data model. The Awesense Energy Data Model (EDM) is available via APIs.

Any & All Data Sources

The VEE Engine can process multiple data sources, and new data types can be added dynamically.

Asset Properties
Asset Location
Asset Connectivity
IoT/Sensor Measurements
Environmental Data
IEC 61850

Trust Your Data With The VEE Engine

Validation & Correction
  • Geo-coordinates validation & transformation
  • Connectivity validation, estimation & correction
  • Switch state validation & correction
  • Meter association validation
Estimation & Synchronization
  • Time series data validation & synchronization
  • Missing time series data estimation
Discovery Of Blind Spots
  • Exposes locations in the grid where consumers, particularly large industrials, are likely missing from the dataset

Easily Accessible Structured Data

Once the data has been ingested into the VEE Engine, cleansed, and synchronized, it is structured according to the Awesense Energy Data Model (EDM). The EDM is readily available through APIs, ready to view in many ways, including the Awesense Visual Data Explorer, The True Grid Intelligence (TGI) or any industry standard Business Intelligence tool. It is designed to be extensive while still easy to process and read.

Make Reliable Data-Proven Decisions

Dependable utility data is the foundation for all changes occurring with the energy transition. Validated, corrected, and synchronized data enables the decisions needed for regulatory approval and the coming wave of policy changes. This process is typically time-consuming and expensive with multiple parties involved.

Awesense accelerates this process:

Improve Efficiency

Validate, Correct & Synchronize Multiple Sources of Time-Series & Geospatial Data Quickly.

Reduce Cost

Deeply Understand Grid Performance and the Grid Edge at Low-Cost.

Reduce Risk

Generate Executive decision making reports and build rate cases for Regulatory Approval based on real data insights to Reduce Risk.

Ready To Get Started?

Ready To Get Started?