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The Awesense Digital Energy Marketplace is a solution repository which provides a common framework for companies to collaborate towards digital transformation and accelerate the future of clean energy.

The platform brings cutting-edge applications, solutions, and algorithms together to solve modern-day digital energy and grid challenges.

The Digital Energy Marketplace empowers industry to develop clean energy applications and solutions.

The Digital Energy Platform empowers utilities and other organizations to build data-driven applications and analytics for the energy systems of tomorrow. Powered by the Awesense Data Engine, solutions, analytics and tools in the Marketplace can seamlessly access critical data from energy systems to perform a range of use-cases.

The data engine provides robust data ingestion, processing and access to these solutions. Via the data engine’s Open Energy Data Model, the platform takes a machine-learning, algorithmic-driven approach to solving data quality issues in the grid.

Together, the Open Energy Data Model and the Awesense Marketplace remove hurdles around data mapping and transformation, expedites data preparation and refining, and provides a common framework for companies to collaborate. The energy-specific data model gives organizations the ability to seamlessly and repeatedly test and build applications and analytics, and reproduce and sell them across various jurisdictions, thus diversifying revenue streams.

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What you get with the Digital Energy Platform and Marketplace.
Access and seamlessly integrate a wide range of cutting-edge solutions
Solutions listed on the Marketplace can be easily integrated into an existing Awesense deployment, and used to enable utilities and other energy system operators to test and explore other applications and use-cases focused on their grid. By leveraging previous data integration efforts, Awesense accelerates the deployment of these solutions, and minimizes time-to-market.
Diversify revenue streams and reproduce your developed solutions
The Open Energy Data Model provides a framework to seamlessly integrate critical data from any energy system, and build solutions and applications on top of that model. These designed solutions are replicable across any other external jurisdiction or energy system due to the standardization performed by the Data Engine. These solutions may easily be reproduced and sold to other energy system providers, expanding revenue streams, and accelerating deployments.
Drive decarbonization of your energy system
The solutions listed on the marketplace are laser-focused on driving the energy transition and accelerating decarbonization. As part of your organization’s mission to reduce carbon emissions, The Awesense Digital Energy Marketplace will help you achieve your goals.
Digital Energy Platform Features
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Digital Energy Applications & Solutions

Portable Electric

Battery Power
Portable Electric replaces gas and diesel generators with clean power sourced from solar, battery, and hybrid power systems.


Wattwatchers enables fast, powerful, scalable solutions to monitor, analyze and control electrical circuits in real-time over the internet.


Building Optimization
Argentum provides smart building solutions by conserving energy & CO2 emissions through power distribution & IoT sensor systems.

Peak Power

Building Optimization
Energy Storage
Vehicle to Grid (V2G)
Peak Power transforms buildings of any age into healthy, sustainable, and intelligent facilities that contribute to a cleaner electrical grid.


UtilityAPI is a SaaS platform that provides simple, secure, standardized, authorized access to utility data.


Worker Safety
Proxxi produces a wearable that provides real-time risk assessment in any voltage environment, protecting industrial workers from electricity.

ARDA Power

ARDA designs, builds, and distributes DC microgrid control systems for use in a wide range of distributed renewable energy applications.

Heila Technologies

Distributed Energy Resources (DERs)
Heila Technologies provides an end-to-end control and optimization solution that simplifies the integration, monitoring, and operations of distributed energy resources (DERs).

Planned Outage Transformer Replacement Analysis

Asset Management
Data Analysis
Analyze transformers downstream from where a planned outage will occur to identify opportunities for asset upgrades

Coincident Peak and Non-Coincident Peak Analysis

Data Analysis
Ability to calculate Coincident Peak (CP) and Non-Coincident Peak (NCP) at various levels of aggregation and geographies.

Fast Deployment IoT Sensor Billing

Business Intelligence
Utilize alternative sensors located in the grid for customer billing purposes where metering data is not reliable.

Unserved Energy Due To Outages Analysis

Data Analysis
Understand the impact outages are having on customers and how they have impacted revenue

Transformer Loading Analysis

Data Analysis
Analyze transformer loading patterns and health across all transformers in the service territory.

Sensor Communication Performance Dashboard

Asset Management
Track and monitor the communication consistency and performance of various sensor devices across your grid network.

Prosumer Customer Location

Data Analysis
Identify and track customers who are producing energy from behind-the-meter sources

Grid Temperature Monitoring

Data Analysis
View the hottest and coldest sections of your grid and set thresholds to be notified of high risk areas.

Rainforest Automation

Grid Edge
Internet of Things
Rainforest Automation provides intelligent gateways to gain granular real-time data from a range of devices in the energy system.


LineWatch sensors are best in class power line sensing and monitoring devices to meet utilities grid modernization application needs.


Renewable Asset Analytics
Clir Renewables is an analytics solution focused on the optimization of large-scale renewable assets.

Easy Smart Grid

Demand Response Management System (DRMS)
Easy Smart Grid is an innovative Demand Response Management System (DRMS) applying a unique approach to improving grid stability.


Volt/VAR Optimization (VVO)
Utilidata delivers real-time, data-driven, machine-learning software that leverages data from every point on the distribution grid to run a clean, modern electric grid.


SensorLink produces a range of meter, sensor, and recording devices for the power grid.


Azimuth by Kitu Systems is a communication platform designed to enable coordination at scale between front-of and behind-the-meter devices and control entities.


Fault Sensors
Exeri’s Smart Grid Surveillance™ fault sensing and monitoring devices are an effective solution for detecting, classifying and locating faults in the grid.

Doosan GridTech

Distributed Energy Resources Management System (DERMS)
Doosan GridTech’s DERO solution is a highly scalable, configurable, and integrated distributed energy resource management system (DERMS).

Athena Power

Underground Sensors
Athena Power Inc., is a smart-sensing & data analytics company focused on critical power infrastructure modernization.

LO3 Pando

Transactive Energy
LO3’s Pando enables utilities and retailers to introduce a unique energy marketplace today so all members of the community can trade energy in order to achieve both personal and community energy goals.


Nanogrid Integration
vadiMAP by vadimUS is a powerful solution built to accelerate the decarbonization of commercial, industrial and institutional buildings.


Electric Vehicles (EV)
ChargeLab is the operating system for EV infrastructure; supporting every use case of EVs in the real world.


Asset Management
ENGIN is a robust asset management system that monitors the complex aspects of electric systems.
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