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How It Works

Using Awesense hardware or any measurement device, TGI gives your engineering operators tools to perform full feeder analysis and gain insights on your power distribution network.

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Asset Health
Feeder analysis will give you new insight on the current status of asset conditions.
Power Quality
Provide real-time energy data from any point along a feeder so operational engineers can ensure good power quality.
Energy Balancing
Get an overview of the power measured going into the feeder and compare against downstream billing data.

Custom Alerts & Notifications

You can permanently monitor and analyze your feeders using the TGI Grid Alerts feature. Configuring alerts is easy and can permanently improve your grid resiliency.

  • Outage Detection
  • High & Low Current
  • Voltage Events
  • Power Factor Issues
  • Overloaded Feeders
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Learn more about how feeder analysis can help you