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True Grid Intelligence

The easiest way to modernize your grid and connect your data

Get a live view of every electron on your grid

TGI works with your data to create energy balances instantly, so you can see the problem areas on your grid fast, and react quickly.

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Increase response time to outages and other grid events

In addition to giving you a platform to manage your outages, TGI will detect outages instantly and notify your teams on-the-fly.

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Monitor & Control

Have a central place to monitor and control all your IoT, OT data (including all SCADA). TGI handles your data, security, device monitoring, alarms, maintenance and more.

Grid Intelligence

Get recommendations on where to deploy your sensors

With the TGI Placement Advisor, you will know exactly what part of your grid is missing data. You can easily instruct your field teams to install devices in those sections and have new permanent measurement points up in minutes.

Placement Recommendations

Maps built for utilities

Our maps integrate with your existing GIS data & use the latest technology so you can understand and explore your grid with little effort.

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Finding losses on your grid has never been easier


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"With Awesense’s help, we’ve reduced energy theft in British Columbia by 80% in less than 5 years."


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