Energy Balance

Get a live view of every electron on your grid

The Energy Balance feature in TGI integrates all your grid data and compares measured data vs consumer data. The highest discrepancies are shown in your preferred order so you can easily identify high discrepancy areas in your grid.


TGI will consume all available data including SCADA, grid measurement sources, AMI, AMR and any other grid sources. The system will identify missing measurement areas and recommend hardware deployments if necessary.

Outage image


Once the integration process is complete, the energy balances will automatically be created (daily) so you can see the areas of the grid with missing energy.

TGI gives you the tools to see exactly where, when and how energy is missing and not being accounted for.


Once confirming that there is a discrepancy you will be directed to run an investigation on that segment. You can combine in-house and/or third-party analytics with TGI to identify any suspicious or unexpected behavior.

Investigate image

Energy Balancing in TGI is a fast and easy way to immediately identify the most vulnerable areas in your grid.

See energy balancing in action.

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