Case Study: Sierra Leone

How Awesense helped EDSA develop analytics for summary reports with insight into the loading on the distribution transformers and power flows

BC Hydro
Scope Snapshot

Help (Electricity Distribution and Supply Authority) EDSA process data from Awesense Raptor sensors to evaluate transformer loading conditions and phase load balance.

The Data
  • Transformer Nameplate Information
  • Awesense Raptor Data
  • Grid Topology & Association Data
Awesense Tools Used
  • Awesense Raptor Sensors
  • AI Data Engine
  • Energy Data Model APIs
  • True Grid Intelligence (TGI) for asset and grid edge situational awareness.

The Challenge

The Electricity Distribution and Supply Authority (EDSA) faced a persistent challenge in identifying technical losses, power flows and load bottle necks in the distribution grid. Despite numerous investigations, they had not achieved positive results. EDSA reached out to Awesense for assistance in addressing this issue.

The Solution & Results

Awesense deployed its innovative Raptor sensors to measure transformers effectively. This technology allowed for the measurement of transformer load and phase load, previously unknown parameters. Leveraging this data, Awesense developed analytics tools to enhance asset management. This enabled timely transformer replacements decisions, leading to increased grid reliability by reducing outages caused by overloaded transformers. The final results demonstrated improved reliability indicators and substantial cost savings in investments.

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