The Future of Energy is Digital

Our Energy Transition Platform drives the digitization and future of energy.

Why you need The Energy Transition Platform.

We created the platform so anyone managing energy assets and energy data could truly understand what is happening with their systems. Lightning-quick data processing, rapid access, advanced analytics, with flexibility and tools to create applications on your own terms.

All your data — easy to access and combined.

We take the hard work out of data integration, data preparation, and data access. We combine, synchronize, and cleanse your data, and make it easily accessible, so you can focus on the important stuff.

The creation and maintenance of this cleansed Open Energy Data Model provides a wide range of benefits.

Scalable and Sharable
Decrease design, build and maintenance costs by using our platform. You will be able to leverage your data from the Awesense Data Engine with any other system.
No More Garbage In = Garbage Out
The Awesense Data Engine does the heavy lifting needed to improve your data quality and prepare it for use.
Data Access Across The Organization
The data model can be accessed by any authorized user to extract the data they need, perform data investigation, and uncover insights.
Empower Your Other Tools
An easy to use API and integrations for many tools. Energy data in Business Intelligence tools, Outage Management Systems, Asset Management tools, DERMS, ADMS, and many others has never been so powerful.
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Understand your energy.

Use our first or third party tools as part of our True Grid Intelligence application. Built for data visualization and real-time situational awareness of the energy grid.

Geospatial Insight
Gather advanced geospatial insights from your grid. The Digital Energy Platform was built in a way to specific to utilities and energy data, to combine geospatial with time-series data.
Real-time Monitoring
Real-time monitoring of all your grid assets, internet of things (IoT), and connected devices. Customize alarms and receive warnings for anything as data comes in.
Analytics Engine
Use our no-code analytical engine to build your own risk models and analytic applications. Watch it as it updates and calculates new insights daily as new data enters the system.
Maps Designed for the Future of Energy
Awesense built our map application because the available market tools were not built to our standards. See the connectivity of your grid interactively, and watch it change as new DERs are added. Build on top of it and add your own layers and other data sources.
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Applications for all levels of your organization.

With our extensive library of APIs, no-code and code integrations, you and your teams can build incredible applications for your energy system. Release your solution on our marketplace and expand your revenue streams.

APIs for Energy Data
Get access to advanced functionality of the platform through our REST or Python API. Use tools like our grid connectivity functionality and advanced data analytics.
Growing Application Library
Our application library is growing everyday. From energy inventory balancing, EV fleet management, and integration with DER control systems are just the start.
Built to Scale
Our platform works with small co-ops with manual meters, to large utilities with millions of consumers, AMI, and thousands of microgeneration spread throughout. Whoever you are, the platform can scale to your needs.
Build & Share
Leverage pre-existing notebooks & analytics created by Awesense data scientists and Awesense customers. Create reports, automated dashboards, ML-pipelines, share across organizations.
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The energy transition is here.

Use our first or third party applications as part of our True Grid Intelligence applications and marketplace, or build your own using our data science tools and APIs.

Distributed Energy Resources
Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) and EVs are expected to exponentially increase in the coming years. Awesense allows you to see what they are doing, and how they are impacting your energy system, so you can constantly stay ahead.
Enable your Customers
The platform integrates any type of customer data, from their EVs, photovoltaics, energy storage, and more. We help you enable your customers to decarbonize, while making sure you’re staying ahead of DER, and understanding their impact.
Get Value From Your Data
Utilities are only leveraging 2-4% of their grid data every year, while the total amount of data is tripling every two years. Awesense makes sure that every bit of data is utilized to the maximum.
Reach Net Zero
Reaching net zero by 2050 means a rapid transition in the way we use and think about energy. The amount of variable renewable energy sources is going to increase tenfold. The Digital Energy Platform will help you get there.
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Ecosystem and Lifecycle.

Vibrant partner network & integrations.

Leverage our widely built out partner network. Awesense partners with cutting-edge technology, infrastructure and professional services companies to deliver a extensive range of capabilities for our customers.

Regular releases and feature updates.

We live and breathe agile methodology. We work closely with our customers and partners to stay close to the ground and build features the industry is calling for, with feature releases every month.

Interoperability and integrations.

Data is only as valuable as the decisions that are made with it. We promote and utilize open standards and formats whenever possible, making the data readily available and accessible across any organization.

Lightning fast integration.

Have a full Digital Energy Platform and digital twin for your entire dataset in weeks. Our competitors will tell you it will take months or years to complete.

Full access to our marketplace of applications, queries, and visualizations.

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