[UC44] Voltage Power Quality Monitoring

Situational Awareness and GridOps

Integrating and contextualizing power quality measurement data from different sources for better diagnosis, improved reliability, compliance, safety, and cost savings.

The Utility Problem

Voltage power quality monitoring is the process of measuring and analyzing the voltage level of an electrical system. The goal of voltage power quality monitoring is to ensure and report that the voltage level supplied to electrical devices and systems is within an acceptable range and that it does not experience any fluctuations or disturbances.

Exceeding the voltage limit or not fulfilling certain parameters can cause damage to electrical equipment, and appliances, it can also cause operational problems and can shorten the lifespan of the devices connected to the grid. It can also cause fires and other hazards. Furthermore, bad power quality has an impact on end consumers of the electricity and can damage consumers’ equipment too. To prevent and mitigate these issues, voltage levels should be closely monitored and any issues that arise should be addressed quickly.

The primary source of voltage power quality data is power quality monitoring equipment. There are several types of such equipment. By taking advantage of these devices, power quality engineers can detect and diagnose power quality issues. However, without the proper use of this measured data, 100% of the benefits of the data are not obtained.

Monitoring equipment exists for measurements of voltage power quality, but if data is siloed and lacks the context of other data elements, its usefulness can be limited. For these reasons, it is important to have a system which is integrating and contextualizing data from different sources, which then allows for a more comprehensive analysis of the electrical system. Such activity is then leading to better diagnosis and problem-solving, improved system reliability, better compliance, enhanced safety, and cost savings.


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