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Planned Outage Transformer Replacement Analysis

Asset Management
Data Analysis

Analyze transformers downstream from where a planned outage will occur to identify opportunities for asset upgrades

Knowing that a planned outage will occur somewhere in their service territory, utility operations and planning teams can utilize this notebook to perform an analysis of transformers downstream from the planned outage to identify those that could be replaced or upgraded. The notebook leverages the “trace downstream” function from the Awesense API to gather data from assets located downstream from any point in the grid network. 

Data for each transformer is gathered, and charts are created to visualize their age, kVA rating, phasing, and if desired, loading over time. These charts can be used to identify transformers that are optimal choices for an upgrade, due to the fact that they are extremely old, are not optimally configured, or are susceptible in some way to failure.

Using the insights from the generated notebook, the utility can compare their warehouse inventory of transformers to understand if replacement transformers are available for replacement and can issue a work order to be performed during the planned outage.

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