[UC18] Grid Alerts & Warnings

Situational Awareness and GridOps

Setting data thresholds for displaying selected variables as Grid Alerts to indicate potential problems resulting in greater asset situational awareness enabling the prevention of unnecessary damages or harmful influences in the grid.

The Utility Problem

As electricity distribution grids are undergoing modernization, new operational measurement data streams are being created in the grid daily by integrating various time series generation devices. This time series data has great potential for insight into generation and situational awareness. However, when a large amount of time-series data is collected, it is impossible to go through all the data manually. Therefore, it is beneficial to automatically find or flag the values that are interesting or otherwise important. One adapted technique is setting the thresholds for highlighting only the required data. 

Setting thresholds for displaying the selected variables is very important, as it might indicate possible problems arising in the grid. With the possibility of setting these thresholds, it is easier to catch these arising problems and, therefore, to solve them. The setting of monitored units and their thresholds should be set individually (using a different methodology) and adjusted over time if necessary. This cant be done for fixed limits, so a user-friendly environment must be created for these threshold changes.

For these reasons, it is beneficial for the utility to have a system in place which will allow for the following:

  • Ingestion of different types of time series data in terms of:
    • Granularity;
    • Cadency or frequency;
    • Measured metrics.
  • Setting of different metric thresholds for different types of time series data;
  • Setting different levels of warning or alerts once these thresholds are breached.

With such a system in place, the utility can gain situational awareness, identify the issues as soon as they arise and conduct corrective measures to prevent unnecessary damages or harmful influences in the grid.


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