Digital Energy


Fast Deployment IoT Sensor Billing

Business Intelligence

Utilize alternative sensors located in the grid for customer billing purposes where metering data is not reliable or not possible.

This dashboard, designed in Tableau and easily ported to other business intelligence tools demonstrates the ability to bill customers using data gathered from sensors other than meters located at the service delivery point. At times meter measurement data can be unreliable or not sufficiently granular to carry out accurate billing for certain customers. Third-party sensor devices located at the base of the customer’s premises can be used to gather granular consumption data for that customer. This data can then be integrated into the billing system to more accurately charge customers for their energy usage. Additionally, it can be configured to existing billing measurement systems to identify trends, and other analytics related to customers or the grid.

You can take this application, fork it, modify and improve on it easily. Contact us to access the source code and other intelligence behind this app so you can customize it perfectly for your needs.