[UC37] Detection of Meter Incorrect Wiring Connection

Revenue Protection
Worker Safety

A use case for analytical approach to reveal incorrect meter wiring connection.

The Utility Problem

At any time, a wiring error may occur when an electricity meter is installed. This error (among others) can result in incorrect measurements and, therefore, incorrect customer billing. The exchange between consumption and generation registers might occur for customers with an installed power source (e.g. a photovoltaic panel). Because of this, the customer would then be incorrectly billed, and the utility could receive less revenue from that customer.

Problems also arise in grid calculations because erroneous data enter into these calculations. If such an error were to accumulate in an area, it could fundamentally affect further analysis and, therefore, future grid plans in that area. Negative consequences may include safety, reliability and other issues.

Utilities connect a large number of customers on a daily basis, and hence this problem can occur and grow. Therefore, it is important to have methods to reveal such issues and gain control over these occurrences.


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