Digital Energy


Coincident Peak and Non-Coincident Peak Analysis

Data Analysis

Ability to calculate Coincident Peak (CP) and Non-Coincident Peak (NCP) at various levels of aggregation and geographies

Groups and levels of granularity can be defined and then NCP/CP can be calculated by:

  1. Zoning levels
  2. Geographical zoning (ZIP codes, counties, states, etc.)
  3. By hierarchical data from association attributes, like:
    1. Substation level association
    2. MV Feeder level association
    3. MV/LV transformer association
    4. LV Feeder association
  4. By topological data from GIS:
    1. Meter to transformer
    2. Meter to MV feeder
    3. Meter to Substation
  5. By tariff group
  6. By customer type.


Queries may be combined and various groupings may be constructed. You can take this application, fork it, modify and improve on it easily. Contact us to access the source code and other intelligence behind this app so you can customize it perfectly for your needs.