Analysis for Minimizing Quantities of IoT & Meter Devices

Asset Management

Deploying smart meters at consumption points for a better grid overview.

The Utility Problem

In some countries, the implementation of smart meters with time series data is almost complete, but in some countries, the deployment is just beginning. In these countries, utilities must decide the best approach for deploying these smart meters at consumption points.

In some countries, this is a legislative requirement; in others, it is a free choice. There are several options.

This process is critical, as by installing the appropriate points, we will get a better overview of the grid and achieve the desired results sooner.

When creating a model for the deployment of consumption points, it is advisable to work with the data in the table and the map visualization. If the result is displayed in tables, the added value of this analysis may be incomplete. When indicated on a map, detecting places where new meters are completely missed is straightforward. However, it would be helpful, for example, to have all areas at least partially covered – e.g. to determine the voltage parameters of an area, etc.


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