Data Engine & the Open Energy Data Model

Bring energy data to life.

The Awesense Data Engine ingests, validates, corrects, synchronizes and stitches together all energy and geospatial data into an Open Energy Data Model. The engine helps our customers accelerate analytic results and improve the accuracy of data so they can rely on data-driven business decisions.

The Open Digital Energy Model is accessed both by Awesense Applications and is made accessible to other solutions, applications, and in-house systems.

Data Automation

Automate your data ingestion, preparation, and accelerate your teams & analytics.

Data pulled from thousands of integrations and data sources.
Data is put in the right format and easy to access anywhere.
The Awesense Data Engine does all the heavy lifting and gets your data ready to be analyzed and ready for all of your applications the second it is added.
Key Benefits

Visibility, insight, performance and problem resolution.

The grid produces an enormous amount of data. It’s complex, inconsistent, multi-vendor and difficult to access. Preparing the right data to get the results you need takes so long that it’s difficult to see a Return on Investment.

Awesense helps your teams and systems spend less time processing and preparing energy data so they can run analytics, uncover insights, and get results faster.

Frost & Sullivan showed that only 2-4% of grid data is actually leveraged for analytics. Grid data is siloed across utility systems and is difficult to access.

TGI’s data engine integrates data from multiple sources, synchronizes that data and makes it easy to access, so you don’t miss out on any potential insight.

Time-series data is inherently dynamic, constantly changing and moving. Geospatial data and GIS systems are static, but the assets and data they represent, such as EVs, solar and storage are constantly changing.

Preparing for a DMS, DERMS, or situational awareness, and stitching together various time-series systems with geospatial data is complex. Awesense makes it easy.


What is different about Awesense's Data Engine?

The engine is flexible to allow you to layer in new data sources over time, so you can get started straight away with whatever data you have.
You will no longer need to try to access different datasets from different data lakes, databases and spreadsheets. The Awesense Data Engine does everything to make your data easy to access, connected, and always available.

What kind of data does it accept out of the box?

Supporting a broad range of formats is key to enabling rapid data integration and driving value from day one. The Awesense Data Engine ingests data from any type of connected device: Meters, sensors, DER, SCADA, EVSE, HVAC, among many others. It combines this data with all available geospatial data.

Any Geospatial Data
Any Device
Any Frequency
Any Format
The data journey

What happens to your data?

Scroll down to see how your data is transformed into wisdom.


Energy data is bountiful, complex, disparate and inconsistent. We stitch it all together, so you don’t have too.


The Awesense platform ingests data from all your disparate grid-connected systems. This data arrives from different devices, in varying frequencies, and in different formats.


The Awesense AI and ML-based algorithms validate and correct errors in your data, while synchronizing and stitching your data sources together.


The engine builds a cleansed, Open Energy Data Model, making it easy for you to access and rely on data. Unlock powerful applications and analytics and let insights drive your business forward.

Solve your data problems today.

Get a seamless data flow so your teams can access the data they need, fast.