TGI Raptor

The TGI Raptor series are portable, easily deployed high accuracy IoT sensors with integrated wireless communication. Designed to work with TGI software out-of -the-box, these sensors collect in-grid data which flows into the TGI software and helps utilities: 

  • Identify and measure power loss from many types of diversions 
  • Identify commercial and industrial meter malfunctions and installation problems 
  • Increase efficiency of phase and load balance analysis 
  • Efficiently verify meter tampering flags and alerts using risk-based metrics 

The TGI Raptors are designed for easy deployment and re-deployment on live electrical cables to measure and report on live line loading conditions.  Single-phase raptors can be installed and removed from the ground by a single person, without service disruption. Readings are viewable immediately on your laptop or tablet.



TGI Raptors transmit collected data via cellular network or self-healing RF Mesh radio network.  The cellular schedule is automatically optimized based on power consumption and battery levels. 

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  • High accuracy current and power factor readings
  • Rugged design and re-chargeable battery harvests power from the line.  
  • Records data at user-defined intervals for periodic cellular transmission or local wireless collection. 
  • Can be installed permanently in key locations.
  • High accuracy current readings (1% from 0.1 to 400 amps)
  • Measures all 3 phases at once
  • Ideal in locations with limited space (e.g. inside enclosures)

Third-Party Sensors

Awesense works with other manufacturers to TGI-enable their devices and provide additional sources of in-grid data.

Schneider Electric LV110 energy sensor

Schneider Electric LV110 energy sensor

  • Compact design for low voltage cabinets
  • 2% accuracy from 10 to 630A
  • Wireless, self supplied
  • Stores live feeder load profiles (typ. 1-minute U, I, P, Q samples, energy indexes)


Our list of "out-of-the-box" supported devices is always growing so please get in touch if you have questions.

Even if a device is not supported out of the box, Awesense can build interfaces between TGI to maximize the amount of in-grid data available.