Awesense SenseNET system

Putting a Clamp on Power Loss

The Awesense SenseNET system is a complete solution for identifying and measuring power losses. Sophisticated portable amperage monitors, secure wireless communications and the SenseNET suite of software applications designed to:

• Identify and measure power loss from sophisticated diversions of the meter
• Identify C& I meter malfunctions and installation problems
• Increase efficiency of phase and load balance analysis
• Accurately verify meter tampering flags and alerts


Awesense SenseNET software suite supports each activity the system will be used for.  Awesense SenseNET is available in cloud or client-hosted options and is live with only a single day of IT services effort.

• Manage, record and archive each deployment and results
• Import and synchronize data from existing fixed meters.
• Calculate: create calculations for energy balancing to identify and rank losses
• Report: Predefined reports and graphs provide rich data visualization and require no third party software.
• Prioritize areas and accounts to investigate. Optional software will analyze billing data for patterns and abnormalities for further investigation
• Optional geospatial views can be added to help visualize location and network communication planning.

SenseNET Monitor patented closed sensor technology provides an accuracy of 1% from 0.01 to 400 amps even when in close proximity to adjacent current-carrying conductors. This allows the SenseNET Monitor to be used in many environments from congested areas such as ground level service boxes to primary and secondary overhead lines. The housing is built of tough nonconductive polymer to operate safely in severe weather environments. It is shock-resistant, water-repellent, and it operates in a wide temperature environment.

Install and view amperage reading in seconds. One person can install and remove the SenseNET Monitor from the ground without a service disruption using either a standard hotstick or shotgun. Immediately view amperage readings wirelessly on your laptop or tablet in real time. The SenseNET Monitor will continue to record the load profile at user defined intervals for wireless collection when needed with no need to remove the SenseNET Monitor from the line.  


Self-creating wireless mesh network: connect to one, connected to all. The SenseNET Monitors automatically form a RF mesh network that communicates with the Awesense USB Data Receiver.  The USB receiver plugs into any windows laptop or tablet for wireless communication with the SenseNET Monitor from a distance of up to 1000 yards away. Multiple SenseNET Monitors will communicate with each other to create a secure local network for easy data collection from one point. SenseNET Monitor can also be placed in line to increase the distance for data collection for discreet placements if required.