Putting A Clamp On Power Loss™

Find Power Theft

Utility Fraud is 2nd only to Credit Card Fraud
$85B Worldwide, $6B USA


Identify Technical Losses

From load balancing to transformer profiling
$117B Worldwide, $18B USA

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Increase Reliability & Safety

Illegal bypasses are the cause power outages,
and are a safety risk to first-responders and the public.

Electrical Saftey

The Awesense vision and purpose is to identify inefficiencies and losses in the electrical grid.

The Awesense SenseNET system is a comprehensive, economical solution combining hardware, loss analysis, networking and advanced power monitoring for identifying, characterizing and verifying power losses from equipment failures as well as power diversion.

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Power Losses

$202B is lost every year due to theft and technical losses while reliability of the grid and the safety of the public are put at risk by overloaded transformers and illegal bypasses.

Awesome ROI

Already saving electric utilities millions of dollars every month. Easy to implement in all environments so you can actively find power losses in your grid the same day.