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Our comprehensive Business Intelligence solution helps increase efficiency, reduces the risk of transformer overloads, improves the ability to verify asset data, and reduces time to revenue recovery resulting from unidentified losses and electricity theft in the distribution grid.

Over $100B is lost each year due to avoidable distribution losses and power theft, and this increases by about 2.5% per year. Even though utilities have made substantial investments in smart meter infrastructure and smart substation technologies, many struggle to gain true business intelligence from the data these systems provide.

Reduce losses, improve GIS data accuracy, and improve grid performance.

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Our mission at Awesense is to help distribution grid utilities to easily locate energy losses helping them dramatically improve overall grid efficiency.

The TGI & SenseNET system includes software to identify parts of the grid that are likely to have high levels of theft and losses, roving data collection tools to create a comprehensive view of actual loading conditions on the grid, and a series of analytics applications that combine the relevant data sources to monetize the causes of loss and theft.

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