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We help facilities make sense of all their data. Awesense validates and corrects the digital model of your system - ensuring all devices, machines, production lines, sensors and other network elements are connected.

Awesense’s TGI platform seamlessly ingests data from every device active in the system and displays that energy flow data in our geospatial visualization solution.

Distributed Energy Flow Intelligence

Comprehensive Energy Monitoring

We work closely with operators and engineers to analyze consumption data and solve issues in old and modern plants. Continuous monitoring and understanding of network-wide energy flow are essential to optimize energy usage and efficiency.

Industrial Energy Intelligence

Facility Modernization

Awesense combines our expertise with a powerful platform and hardware sensors understand the real-time dynamics of the network.

It all begins by making sense of your data. Our experts and solutions help facilities:

  • Improve energy efficiency across the board
  • Lower energy usage costs
  • Diagnose and solve issues quickly and effectively
  • Avoid power factor penalties
  • Improve asset health and lifespan
  • Reduce risk

Industrial Energy Intelligence

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