Working Together

Awesense works with distribution utilities in North America, Eastern Europe, and Africa to implement the TGI system. Our data scientists, engineers and project managers are dedicated to integrating TGI with your existing systems and providing value as quickly as possible. We work together with your teams to combine our experience and best practices with your local grid knowledge.

Every utility has its own unique characteristics - and TGI works best when it has access to these parameters. We provide training to your staff so they can get the most out of the system and we offer on-going support to ensure TGI continues to reduce losses and deliver value.


Proven Results

In many cases, Awesense begins with a proof of concept phase to demonstrate the effectiveness of TGI prior to a full deployment. We will work with your team to jointly execute the TGI performance cycle until objectives are met and your team is fully trained and self-sufficient.

TGI is delivered as a cloud-based Saas offering, so there is no IT infrastructure overhead. 

  • We integrate data from various sources such as grid topology data (typically from a GIS system), power flow data (typically from a SCADA system), and risk data (such as tamper flags, customer type, historical consumption, etc.).
  • We combine your local expertise with our best practices to develop a powerful risk model.
  • We provide training to ensure that your team develops mastery of their TGI methodology and tools.
  • We work with your team to iterate through the TGI performance cycle to narrow in on cases of greatest interest. 
  • We provide a project management plan that details the activities required to stay on track and meet your goals. 




Awesense provides software training to ensure your team develops mastery of their TGI installation:

  • Creation of risk models
  • Creation of  investigation plans
  • Validation of investigation plans
  • Analysis of investigation results and creation of reports

We also supply training to field investigators on TGI sensors:

  • Configuration and preparation of sensors
  • Maintenance of sensors
  • Deployment of sensors, including use of supporting software and accessories
  • Retrieval of sensors

Customer Support

Your success with the TGI system is our highest priority. We offer support via telephone and email and can assist our customers in a range of languages:

Call us at 1-888-868-4607
or 604-259-2850