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the TGI Platform

TGI - True Grid Intelligence - is a combination of software and IoT devices that helps utilities monitor their distribution network and find problems on the grid faster.

TGI Lite, combined with our suite of Raptor sensors, allows for an unprecedented level of insight into live grid conditions.

Data collected from devices out in the field lives within the easy to use, concise interface of TGI Lite, enabling fast energy balancing and basic grid monitoring.

TGI Aware is not only connected to every sensor deployed in your grid, it also understands the intricacies of the network it’s operating on. Track GIS changes over time, segment the grid according to your preferences, and understand the relationship between various grid elements in TGI’s clean interface.

TGI Aware also boasts powerful mesh networking tools, and is able to untangle the most complicated situations out there. 

A powerful mix of software, IoT devices and services, TGI Premium predicts where losses are
costliest and ROI is highest, then
gives investigative teams tools to
identify losses quickly and collect
evidence for legal and audit purposes. 

TGI Premium also boasts all the features available to Aware subscribers.