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[UC51] Wildfire Risk Assessment

An ability analyze and asses the wildfire risks associated with electric utility assets.

[UC50] Work Orders Management

An ability to dispatch, execute and manage the work orders related electrical power grid.

[UC49] Time Of Use Rate Analysis

The ability to analyze the impact of Time-of-Use (ToU) rates on consumption patterns, consumption peaks and utilities’ income.

[UC34] EV & Appliance Disaggregation

Ability to conduct electric vehicle (EV) and appliance desegregation analysis to pinpoint hidden loads of interest.

[UC48] AMI-Smart Meter Flag Analysis for Theft Detection

An use case for analyzing smart meter flags to detect energy theft and identify patterns of abnormal usage.

[UC47] Dynamic Line Rating Analysis

A use case incorporating the DLR to evaluate line operating capacity based on actual conditions, improving grid reliability and efficiency while supporting renewable energy integration.

[UC46] Feeder Capacity and Lateral Capacity Analysis

A use case for effective load capacity analysis of feeders and laterals to find out where the loads exist and where they pose the biggest bottlenecks.

[UC45] Feeder Voltage Analysis and Visualisation

A use case for visualizing data from the feeder’s voltage monitoring equipment to improve the power quality and reliability of an electrical system. It enables engineers to identify patterns, trends, and anomalies in the data, which aids in problem detection and diagnosis.

[UC44] Voltage Power Quality Monitoring

A use case for integrating and contextualizing power quality measurement data from different sources for better diagnosis, improved reliability, compliance, safety, and cost savings.

Gurobi Optimization

Gurobi Optimization is the industry leader in Decision Intelligence technology, providing the fastest, easy-to-integrate optimization solver and the best-in-class support to identify optimal business decisions in seconds.

[UC39] IPT and ICT Verification for Proper Billing

A use case for verification of proper billing in the presence of instrumental potential transformer and instrumental current transformer.

[UC38] Transformer Load Increase Assessment Tool

A use case to accurately assess load changes to avoid unnecessary costs, such as replacing transformers earlier than necessary.

[UC40] Phase Imbalance Correction Suggester

A tool for mitigating imbalanced feeders by suggesting locations of the grid and loads which can be reconnected (shifted) to different phase.

[UC43] Load Forecasting

A use case for accurate load forecasting for utilities to operate efficiently, ensure reliable power supply, and lower costs.

[UC42] Meter to Transformer Association Analysis

A use case for easy, fast and inexpensive meter-to-transformer association data verification and correction.

[UC41] EV Load Growth Forecasting

A use case for estimation of increased load from EV growth and grid locations identification where the impact of this load will be concerning.

[UC37] Detection of Meter Incorrect Wiring Connection

A use case for analytical approach to reveal incorrect meter wiring connection.

[UC36] Phase Identification Analysis

A use case to check and ensure that the phase identification data in the system of records is aligned with the actual field wiring.

[UC35] Standard Consumption Patterns Creation

Load profile estimation is used when real profile data are missing to obtain a realistic energy consumption profile. These load profiles have various uses, such as short-term analysis, grid load estimates, energy balances, and load flows.

[UC33] MV Grid Optimization Analysis

Optimizing the grid by reconnecting medium/low voltage stations to high/medium voltage stations is a cost-effective solution. Automation and data analysis are necessary for efficient optimization.

[UC32] Power Outage Visualization

Outages in electricity distribution have negative impacts on utilities and its customers. A data visualization approach that shows outages on a map and provides detailed information from multiple systems can help prioritize and quickly repair outages, leading to improved reliability and increased profits.

[UC31] Grid and Time Series Visualization

A use case to geospatially visualize grid asset data and grid’s time series data. Apply data-driven approach for addressing electricity distribution challenges with data visualization.


EdgeTunePower enhances electric grid’s hosting capacity for interconnection and operation of high number of distributed energy resources, including renewables and EV-charging stations.

[UC30] Suspicious Patterns Identification & Analysis

Utilities can identify suspicious patterns in energy consumption profiles & investigate them further to determine non-technical losses.

[UC29] Non-Technical Loss Investigation Management

Creating a methodology for an effective loss reduction programme by implementing a system that performs multiple functions related to the management and performance of non-technical loss investigations.

[UC28] Energy Balancing for Revenue Protection

Using energy balancing to reduce losses so utilities can increase resources spent on grid modernization.

[UC25] Analysis for Maximizing Value of IoT and Meter Devices

A use case for maximizing the value of deploying smart meters and IoT devices in the grid and at consumption locations.

[UC23] Analysis of Grid Segments & Elements

It is vital to have the ability to systematically create and apply analytical models to distribution grid segments and individual elements.

[UC22] Topological Grid Segmentation

The creation of the segmentation based on simple attributes such as tariff or type of consumer is not sufficient for a grid operations-focused department. A systematic approach to the design of topological grid segmentation is required.

[UC21] Geospatial Analysis of Grid Alerts & Warnings

Analyzing grid alerts & warnings geo-spatially. This capability unlocks the possibilities for further producing insights from the data.

[UC20] Unexpected Generation Identification

Identification and analysis of micro-generation incidents and inputs on distribution grids.

[UC19] IoT Health Index & Overview

IoT devices can provide utility companies with essential data for the reliable operation of today’s and future grid. It is necessary to have a proper IoT health monitoring system to gain an overview of IoT health for maximum value.

[UC18] Grid Alerts & Warnings

Grid Alerts for greater asset situational awareness enabling the prevention of unnecessary damages or harmful influences in the grid.

[UC17] Actual vs. Contracted Grid Capacity Analysis

The grid’s maximum capacity is critical to utilities because it provides information on whether an additional load can be connected at a given location.

[UC16] Registered PV Generation Analysis

This growing penetration of distributed PV generation in the grids poses new challenges for utilities.

[UC15] Utility Data Challenge Hub

Data challenges call for submitting innovative solutions to real-world utility problems. Streamlining the data collection & aggregation process provides credibility to the utilities making the call for submissions and allowing them to attract higher-quality challenge participants resulting in optimized solutions.

[UC14] Onsite Generation & Ghost Load Analysis

Accurately forecasting the load, including the potential for ghost loads, is crucial for optimized grid management. Indicators of ghost loads, like total generation per circuit or % of the circuit’s load covered by renewables, are fundamental building blocks for correct load forecasting.

[UC13] Master Circuit Breaker Value vs. Measured Values Analysis

Inaccurate high-master circuit breaker values impact both consumers & electric utilities. Accurate analysis can benefit all parties & result in savings.

[UC10] Connected Loads [kW] vs. Actual Phase Balance Analysis

Errors in meter-to-phase assignation can result from inaccurate data about the phase the energy consumer connects. Such errors adversely influence grid operations & outage management.

[UC09] EV Charging & Use of Reserved Capacity Analysis

Utilities must have accurate insight into grid load growth due to the rapid rise in EV chargers. For such analysis, data cleansing and correction are usually required.

[UC08] Asset Management – Substations

Substation management is crucial for utilities & if managed efficiently, can increase utility savings; however, this requires accurate data.

[UC07] Asset Management – Cables & Lines

Asset management is crucial for utilities but is a considerable investment and operating cost; however, if managed with an efficient process can increase utility savings.

[UC06] GIS Grid Connectivity Validation & Correction

With “clean” data, a utility can perform insightful analysis requiring asset situational awareness and better address the challenges of managing the energy transition and improving grid reliability.

[UC05] Reversed Power Flow & PV Capacity Analysis

This use case simulates and quantifies the additional amount of PV generation (PV capacity) allowed on each Low Volt grid before reaching a state of reversed power flow.

[UC04] Transformer Capacity Analysis for EV Charging

Identifying how much EV Charging infrastructure can be accommodated given transformer load capacity is a new reality with the rise in EV use.

[UC03] Phase Balance Analysis

Identifying which phase is more or less loaded, adjusting accordingly and thus optimizing the grid & lowering investment costs.

[UC02] Power Factor Analysis

A use case for analyzing power factor values and how to manage these for an optimized grid.


The mission of the ELECTRA solution is to streamline and improve the inspection process of electrical power transmission systems, enable early identification of potential problems, and thus prevent possible outages or more serious malfunctions.


Nexxlon is geared towards business development and accompanies entrepreneurs in the development and realization of their ideas and goals. They provide solution-oriented advice and provide active support, from the initial idea to implementation in the company.

EnergoTech Lublin SP Z O O

ENERGOTECH LUBLIN SP Z O O is located in Lublin, Lubelskie, Poland. The company’s primary activity is automating the MV power grid to construct and commission radio-controlled disconnecting points.


AUTOCONT is a Czech private company that has been successfully supplying goods, services and solutions in the field of information and communication technologies since 1990.


The VECKTA platform integrates the world’s most advanced energy system engineering tools with an end-to-end marketplace to bring together all the stakeholders to assess, design, supply, build, and finance your successful microgrid systems.

4 Horsemen Solutions

4 Horsemen Solutions™ specialize in providing essential solutions and solving problems for complex database technology environments and keeping them in optimal health and performance.


eMabler creates a more sustainable future by making eMobility more accessible with their API-first electric vehicle (EV) charging platform.


Clean, reliable, affordable energy anywhere. BoxPower turnkey microgrids integrate solar panels on a shipping container, battery storage, and generator backup.


Sustainable investments that save the planet while generating a great return.


GridMarket is an AI-driven distributed energy and microgrid project transaction platform.


Nuvve is leading the electrification of the planet, beginning with transportation, through its intelligent energy platform.


GridIntellect offers a range of consulting services focused on the energy transition including DER aggregation and Clean Energy Research.

Buzz Solutions

Buzz Solutions provides an AI-powered Software Platform and Predictive Analytics for detecting faults and anomalies on power line assets.


At EnergyHawk, we provide a digital map of hundreds of thousands of commercial & industrial energy users in North America.


Enosi’s Powertracer platform is the world’s first grid-scalable, clean energy traceability solution, making clean energy accessible.

Properate is a social-purpose firm on a mission to facilitate green construction and renovation using data and the latest technologies.


Plugzio is a micro-utility platform that allows organizations and individuals to manage, monitor, and sell access to power as a service.


We use artificial intelligence to read all kinds of documents in less than a second. That gives us a whole new insight.

Asset Vision by Deloitte

Find and extract engineering/design data – text, tables, symbols – from engineering diagrams/documents in minutes

Arthur Energy Advisors

Arthur Energy Advisors (AEA) is a consultancy and advisory services firm based in Accra, Ghana, serving the African energy sector.


Elocity is transforming the transportation electrification journey for electric utilities, cities and businesses.

Repower Holdings

Repower Holdings is a Commercial Real Estate investment firm that leverages energy data and building specific energy system upgrades.


Mabrex offers innovative, practical, and efficient solutions for energy management, specializing in ​​electrical energy measurement.


eDRV is a technology platform for EV charging applications and leading network operators to develop EV charging applications.


Lightspark helps financial institutions, cities, and utilities connect to homeowners by providing a data-rich enabling platform.

Veloce Energy

The Veloce Energy FastGrid™ system makes it easier, faster, and less costly to connect new loads to the electric utility grid.


Founded in 2015, Vutility is a leading provider of real-time, high-resolution, energy monitoring solutions.


7Gen provides fleet owners with turnkey electrification solutions and financing to accelerate the transition to zero-emission transportation.

Portable Electric

Portable Electric replaces gas and diesel generators with clean power sourced from solar, battery, and hybrid power systems.


Wattwatchers enables fast, powerful, scalable solutions to monitor, analyze and control electrical circuits in real-time over the internet.


Argentum provides smart building solutions by conserving energy & CO2 emissions through power distribution & IoT sensor systems.

Peak Power

Peak Power transforms buildings of any age into healthy, sustainable, and intelligent facilities that contribute to a cleaner electrical grid.


UtilityAPI is a SaaS platform that provides simple, secure, standardized, authorized access to utility data.


Proxxi produces a wearable that provides real-time risk assessment in any voltage environment, protecting industrial workers from electricity.

ARDA Power

ARDA designs, builds, and distributes DC microgrid control systems for use in a wide range of distributed renewable energy applications.

Heila Technologies

Heila Technologies provides an end-to-end control and optimization solution that simplifies the integration, monitoring, and operations of distributed energy resources (DERs).

Rainforest Automation

Rainforest Automation provides intelligent gateways to gain granular real-time data from a range of devices in the energy system.


LineWatch sensors are best in class power line sensing and monitoring devices to meet utilities grid modernization application needs.


Clir Renewables is an analytics solution focused on the optimization of large-scale renewable assets.

Easy Smart Grid

Easy Smart Grid is an innovative Demand Response Management System (DRMS) applying a unique approach to improving grid stability.


Utilidata delivers real-time, data-driven, machine-learning software that leverages data from every point on the distribution grid to run a clean, modern electric grid.


SensorLink produces a range of meter, sensor, and recording devices for the power grid.


Azimuth by Kitu Systems is a communication platform designed to enable coordination at scale between front-of and behind-the-meter devices and control entities.


Exeri’s Smart Grid Surveillance™ fault sensing and monitoring devices are an effective solution for detecting, classifying and locating faults in the grid.

Doosan GridTech

Doosan GridTech’s DERO solution is a highly scalable, configurable, and integrated distributed energy resource management system (DERMS).

Athena Power

Athena Power Inc., is a smart-sensing & data analytics company focused on critical power infrastructure modernization.


vadiMAP by vadimUS is a powerful solution built to accelerate the decarbonization of commercial, industrial and institutional buildings.


ChargeLab is the operating system for EV infrastructure; supporting every use case of EVs in the real world.