Your fastest way towards the future of energy.

Leverage your data & teams to unlock the potential of the future of energy.

The Digital Energy Platform opens your data to thousands of applications and analytics, and gives your teams the power to build their own.

Awesense's Digital Energy Platform empowers operations, planning, data, and development to work together to build the energy system of tomorrow.

Integrate Datasets
All your energy data in one rapidly accessible location. Layer in new data sources over time.
Designed for Energy
We will make your energy data work together and prepare it for your analytics.
Full-scale visibility
Designed so you can see exactly where every electron is on the grid.

Build the next generation of energy.

Building an open energy platform that can monitor DERs, EVs, AMI, outages, and other modern energy technologies on your own seems impossible. The Digital Energy Platform provides you with the tools and applications so you don’t need to start from scratch.

Combining our three products, the Digital Energy Platform, True Grid Intelligence, and the Awesense Data Engine, in unison with a large availability of both first and third party applications will give you the tools you need to build the next generation of energy. We give you the APIs, tools, and resources to build anything, the possibilities are limitless.

Build Together

Rapidly build and share applications, analytics and solutions.

We provide everything you need to seamlessly create powerful energy applications and analytics for your organization. Leverage the power and innovation of your employees, and share solutions across the company.

Access externally-built analytics, applications, queries, and notebooks. Sell and share your solutions on the Awesense marketplace and expand revenue streams. Your data stays safe, always.


What our customers are building.

Built on top of The Digital Energy Platform, a range of customers and partners are building exciting tools and applications. By connecting to the Open Energy Data Model, they have access to all the data they need, in a refined format, ready to go.

Building new products and applications for energy has never been easier.

Marketplace Listings
EV Fleet Planner
Vehicle fleets are starting to transition to fully electric and utilities need to understand how they can manage this shift. Our partner built a full-scale EV Fleet Management Program through TGI and our Digital Energy Platform that allows utilities to see where these fleets are located and what stage they are at.
Energy Inventory Balancing
Built to measure every electron in our grid. Our customer is able to see overviews for each feeder, how much there is of: EVs, DER, consumption, and unaccounted energy.