Partner to support local electric utilities with TGI grid analytics system

Awesense Inc., a leader in grid analytics and optimization today announced its partnership with IDC Energia to represent the company’s TGI (True Grid Intelligence) grid analytics solution in the Brazilian market.    

World Bank data show electrical transmission and distribution losses in Brazil of 16.4% are well above the global average and it is estimated over 14% is lost in the distribution grid.  Utilities in the country are taking note and investments in smart grid technology are reported to exceed $25B over the next ten years. 

“We look forward to working with IDC Energia and building a strong presence for Awesense in Brazil,” says Rudi Carolsfeld, EVP of global sales and alliances for Awesense. “We believe this market has tremendous potential; Brazil has a significant problem with losses, but the enthusiasm to tackle this problem.” 

Awesense’s TGI solution has a proven track record of helping utilities reduce losses by up to 80% in 5 years.  It has been used to augment the results of smart meter deployments, accelerating the rate of loss reduction and the return on investment.  Combining analytics software, mobile smart sensors and a unique methodology, TGI can reduce avoidable losses with or without smart metering infrastructure (SMI). 

IDC Energia is well placed to help Brazilian utilities implement TGI to reduce losses and revenue recovery with extended experience and presence in electric power engineering worldwide.  They will provide local engineering, configuration and technical support for TGI.  They will also work together with utilities and Awesense Services on data integration with existing MDM, SCADA, GIS and other systems.   

“Awesense is an agile company with a product that utilities can deploy quickly and see results much quicker than with other big capital investments.  We look forward to bringing the TGI solution to Brazilian utilities,” says Gabriel Maia, Director of IDC Energia. 

About IDC Energia
IDC Energia provides reliable systems for electric utilities, with a focus on innovation and development of solutions for smart cities, and on generation, transmission and distribution energy systems, covering automation, protection, control, renewables and energy efficiency. 

Contact for Brazil
Gabriel Maia
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Awesense helps electric utilities optimize their distribution grids by reducing avoidable losses due to theft, errors and inefficiency – a $100B/year problem globally. Our cloud-based analytics software and mobile IoT devices deliver the fastest, most cost-effective way to protect and recover revenue. Our customers have reduced losses by 50% in under 3 years. For more information, please contact us at or