Awesense, a fast growing leader in electrical grid analytics and theft mitigation, announced its relationship with IBM to provide cloud infrastructure services. The agreement is an important step in solidifying Awesense’s strategy to re-invent how utilities eliminate theft and maximize efficiency and distribution grids. The IBM data center expands the company’s ability to satisfy data location, reliability and security requirements for utility customers in a growing number of regions and convey the advantages of the public cloud.

Globally, Awesense has re-invented how utilities reduce theft and other non-technical losses.  It’s True Grid Intelligence (TGI) platform bypasses massive capital investment in infrastructure, leveraging the cloud and data gathered from within the grid to deliver results quickly. The cloud is a key component in ensuring a fast return on investment; working with leaders such IBM expands the company’s ability to deliver the rapid upgrades, small IT-footprint and scalability enjoyed in a cloud environment.

Awesense will deploy and support their TGI platform via IBM cloud services, ensuring a flexible, scalable on-demand cloud experience for its utility customers. Awesense will support its customers using IBM’s cloud services and remain the single point of contact for service levels, billing and support.

Awesense selected IBM because of its reputation and experience with data analytics and electrical utilities.  “We can offer our customers a low barrier to entry and an accelerated ROI by working with IBM,” says Mischa Steiner-Jovic, CEO of Awesense.

About Awesense

Awesense helps electric utilities optimize their distribution grids by reducing avoidable losses due to theft, errors and inefficiency – a $100B/year problem globally. Our cloud-based analytics software and mobile IoT devices deliver the fastest, most cost-effective way to protect and recover revenue. Our customers have reduced losses by 50% in under 3 years. For more information, please contact us at or