Awesense, Inc., a leader in Smart Grid solution for reducing losses in the electricity distribution grid, announced today that True Grid Intelligence (TGI) release 2.0 for In-Grid Data Analytics is now live.

True Grid Intelligence (TGI) is a comprehensive loss mitigation platform for electricity distribution network operators. TGI works in conjunction with meter data management (MDM) and meter data analytics (MDA) systems to identify parts of the distribution grid that are likely to have high levels of theft and losses. TGI can then manage the complete field investigation process, using preinstalled and roving in-grid data collection tools to improve situational awareness of the actual grid operating conditions. TGI uses in-grid data analytics to assess the cause and severity of losses, which may be due to theft, meter errors, billing errors, wiring errors, or inefficiency due to phase imbalance or high transformer loads.

“We’re very excited to launch the next major release of the TGI Platform,” says Mike Rowling, Chief Technical Officer at Awesense, Inc. “We have made great strides in providing a powerful and unique data analytics tool for our clients to understand in-grid losses that cannot be measured using smart meter infrastructure or distribution automation devices alone.” TGI release 2.0 is now live on Awesense cloud servers available for clients globally.

About Awesense

Awesense helps electric utilities optimize their distribution grids by reducing avoidable losses due to theft, errors and inefficiency – a $100B/year problem globally. Our cloud-based analytics software and mobile IoT devices deliver the fastest, most cost-effective way to protect and recover revenue. Our customers have reduced losses by 50% in under 3 years. For more information, please contact us at or