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Risk Analysis

Closely monitor high-risk areas in your grid.

Using TGI's Risk Based Analysis module, users can upload risk models using our risk model structure to easily identify areas in the grid which are at risk.


Build a risk model with factors like location of DERs, outage frequency, high unaccounted for consumption, number of consumers, among others. Desirable weights can be applied to each risk factor.

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TGI will automatically segment the grid based on low and high risk areas. Heat maps can be created based on the data and users can take action in the most important areas

If more data is required in certain segments or feeders, Awesense Raptor Sensors can be installed to report power quality, current, outages and to balance the network.

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Automating the breakdown of low and high-risk segments gives planners and operators the ability to respond to issues before they arise. With predictive analytics and big data processing, a focus can be put on the areas which require close monitoring, in-depth analysis, asset upgrades and faster outage response.

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