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Outage Detection

The fastest and easiest way to improve outage response time

With the TGI Outage Detection feature, you have the ability to significantly reduce outage restoration times and impact on customers with the alerts and tools your team needs.


With TGI, you can easily setup outage alerts to integrate with your system. As data comes into our system, your data is automatically scanned for possible outage scenarios.

The Raptor 3 gives you the capability to immediately add new sensing points to detect outages. TGI will recommend install locations for your devices and once deployed, the device will immediately be ready to notify TGI of an outage over the local cellular network.

Outage image


You will be notified of an outage within approximately 30 seconds on a Raptor 3 measured line. Our platform also scans all other available data sources for possible outages and will warn you as soon as that data is received.

Outage image


All your outage alerts created by TGI can be managed directly inside TGI or pushed to your outage management or other system. You can re-use this data to identify areas at high-risk of future outages and asset issues.

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See outage detection in action.

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