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Grid Alerts

Fast & scalable way to automate & predict issues occurring in the grid

TGI Grid Alerts module provides a flexible means of controlling and responding to issues which may be occurring in the network.


With TGI, you can easily setup outage alerts to integrate with your system. As data comes into our system, your data is automatically scanned for possible outage scenarios.

  • Power Factor Issues
  • High/Low Current
  • Voltage Events
  • Overloaded Assets (e.g. Feeders, transformers, etc.)
  • Number of DER installations, microgeneration, etc.

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Predict areas with growing DER penetration, increased EV charging and declining asset health.

By automating grid issue alerts, operators don’t just improve SAIDI/SAIFI reliability metrics, but can predict issues before they arise.

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Visualize where and why issues are arising through TGI’s GISense system. Notifications are received via email or mobile-app. Using our mobile work-order feature or through integration with existing workforce management systems, field teams can be sent quickly to investigate.

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See grid alerts in action.

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